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Velvet Care

General Information.

Velvet fabrics, have a thick pile, are soft and luxurious and easier to maintain then most people think. The most important way to maintain your velvet furniture is to clean it regularly but gently.

Thick pile fabrics have a yarn direction called nap which can disperse light differently and are specifically known to flatten during use. They respond well to fluffing and brushing, please note; the fabric may appear compressed during shipment.

Simply “plump” the velvet by hand or use an upholstery brush with soft, flexible bristles to restore the nap.

Be mindful of where you place any high pile velvet upholstered products, as heavy things left against or on for a long period can mark or compress the fabric.

NOTE: When brushing your hand with or down the grain of a nap or pile fabric, the fabric will feel smooth; when brushing your hand against the grain of pile fabric, the fabric will feel rough.

We recommend you vacuum your upholstery lightly once a week with an upholstery brush attachment to remove dust and dirt. A good upholstery brush will help keep lint and fluff at bay, this will help with excess pet fur and dust also. Take care to be gentle to avoid damaging the fabric.

Keep upholstery away from heat and moisture and never expose upholstery to direct sunlight as fading and discolouration may occur.

Never use harsh cleaners, bleach, ammonia, alkali, strong acids or cleaners designed for hard surfaces to clean your product.

Use a clean, lightly damp cloth and wipe legs or feet regularly to keep them clean. Be careful not to soak heavily and dab lightly to avoid any damage.


Stains & Spills happen.. we hope they don’t but here’s our advice:

If an accident happens and something is spilt on your upholstery it is important to act quickly to treat the stain. The longer stains are left, the more difficult they become to remove as they will dry into the fabric.

First, scoop up any spilt heavy solids with a spoon, then soak up any excess liquid from the surface of the fabric with a clean cloth or paper towel.

For stubborn stains, a natural, clear soap or detergent can be used to help lift the stain but take great care not to rub the stain in and always check online for stain removal recommendations specific to your fabric composition. Only use a dabbing motion rather then wiping to avoid spreading or rubbing it in.

Never rub the spill, that will force liquid deeper into the high pile fibres; instead, leave the cloth in place until the liquid is absorbed; then allow it to fully air dry and brush lightly against the nap to fluff and refresh the fibres.

Always follow the instructions for use and safety precautions recommended by any upholstery chemical/cleaning fluid supplies when using any products.

We recommend for all unidentified stains, consult a professional cleaning company.

Make sure the fabric is fully dry and given a thorough vacuum using an upholstery brush attachment before re-use.

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