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winged armchair upcycle by alison morrish
Kim Joy bespoke footstool design by Alison Morrish creative
mid-century upcycle with bespoke recycled fabric
luxury bespoke design ottoman alison morrish
bespoke bench with pedigree cat alison morrish

Customisation Woohoo!

Your Vision, Our Craft: Customisation Service

At Alison Morrish, we believe in making your interior dreams come true. Our commitment to uniqueness and personalisation is embodied in our customisation service. If you can't find the exact piece you're envisioning, we're here to collaborate with you and tailor our offerings to your desires.

Imagine altering the legs, adjusting print scales, experimenting with colours, or even co-creating an exclusive printed fabric. Your imagination is the only limit.

To embark on this creative journey, simply send us an email expressing your interest. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, ensuring every detail matches your vision. From initial consultation to final delivery, your customised piece will be a manifestation of your style and our craftsmanship.

Let's transform your space together. Contact us today for a consultation and a quotation.

Your dream design awaits!

Design & Made in the UK
(Mainly in Yorkshire)



Contact us Today

alison morrish creative workshop

Refurb and Reupholster

This service is available for Modern and Traditional furniture pieces.


If you want to use our print designs on your furniture, we offer a range of services from furniture recovers to full reupholstery,  advice selecting fabrics for your beloved items and designing bespoke fabric just for you and your cherished piece.

*Please note there will be a design fee for this service, outlined in our T & C's.

A Fabulous Sight to See

Your Dream Our Dream

What My Clients Say

Katie S, Oxford, UK

"An absolute delight! My Ottoman is the center point of my living room and all my family and friends love it and talk about it on every visit! I was so surprised  and overwhelmed to see my sons drawing as a printed lining when I opened the lid, I was not expecting it all and have no idea how Alice managed this! It made my ottoman unique and special to me... We all absolutely love it!".
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