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A unique artisan home furnishing and fabric brand

Embroidery luxe printed fabric graffiti by Alison from BBC's Make it at market.

Original Print Designs

Vibrant Embroidery Look - Gorgeous to Touch

As seen on BBC 1 Make it at market. Printed Cushion with yellow pompom_edite

Hand Crafted

With Love from Yorkshire

Turquoise and Red print design



Made to Order - Carefully Sourced Materials

A colourful embroidery print pattern

An eclectic mix that is bold, exciting & original

Alison Morrish is a unique artisan creating fabulous home furnishings and fabrics.
Alison creates hand crafted statement furniture from her family home in the picturesque countryside setting of Yorkshire.
Using her own original art works, she creates eye catching printed fabrics onto custom made flamboyant products. Alison focus's on being bold with her designs and details without compromising on comfort, quality and ethics.

graffiti pattern fabric

Discover Ali's debut collection!

Alison is thrilled to announce her inaugural collaboration with Multi Award-Winning Embroiderer David Morrish, the visionary behind Kingfly. Together, theyv'e curated a range of exclusive Embroidery Luxe printed fabrics with a distinctive aesthetic. These fabrics mirror the beauty of embroidery while upholding the durability and functionality of traditional upholstery materials. They adhere to UK safety regulations, making them an ideal fit for your home.

Their distinctive collection encompasses elegantly contoured headboards, functional yet captivating ottomans, contemporary footstools radiating style, an attention-grabbing cocktail chair, and an enchanting variety of cushions tailored to your space.


If you're seeking something specific and can't find it, explore our customise section for a truly personalised touch.

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