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Alison Morrish shows off her colourful print design and upholstery on BBC One's 'Make it at Market'

Exciting news is buzzing in the Morrish household as we proudly announce Ali's debut appearance on BBC One's 'Make it at Market,' series two.

Filmed against the wonderland backdrop of Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire with Pat Heavers, her grounds team and the wonderful crew at FlabbergastTV, this upcoming second series, scheduled to premiere on Monday, November 27, promises to be a brilliant showcase of the crafting journey for Ali and other budding handmade artists and heritage craft entrepreneurs.

'Alison Morrish' the bespoke handmade furniture and home furnishings brand, are thrilled about its debut appearance on BBC One's Make It at Market.

Alison Morrish with the iconic 'Make it at Market" sign at Waterperry Gardens.

Founded by Ali, 49, in 2021, the brand is known for its bold and colourful bespoke prints which are designed by Ali and handcrafted into artisan furniture and home furnishings. Ali uses sustainable fabric made from plastic waste found in the sea and landfill and the business is operated from her kitchen work top in Scissett, Huddersfield.

The inspirational series introduces a diverse selection of talented crafts and artists from across the UK. Among them is our Alison, whose a mum of one who following redundancy, seized the opportunity to return to upholstery, which she last did on an evening course over 23 years ago. With a passion for design, sustainability and all things colour, Ali’s found her USP, but can mentor Micaela help her promote her business and get selling?

In the show, Dom Chinea and his team of business and craft experts guide the participants through transformative challenges, testing their ability to turn their crafting hobbies into a viable full-time business. The challenges within the series range from creating high-volume products to crafting high-end bespoke pieces with a premium price tag. The participants also face scrutiny on the profitability of their favorite pieces, which for Ali leads to new exciting product ranges.

For Alison Morrish, this TV debut marks a significant opportunity to showcase her design ability, craftsmanship and absolute passion behind her bespoke print designs, handmade furniture and home furnishings.

Alison Morrish, says: "Make It at Market provides an amazing platform to share my hands on skills alongside my design and creative flair behind my ‘Made In England’ brand. With the help of experts in our craft fields and through supportive business guidance the show provides business focus and direction to help optimize sales in a competitive market. I am thrilled to be part of the show and I hope others feel inspired to start their creative adventure.”

You can watch Alison’s episode on Monday 4th December at 4:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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